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The end of a marriage can be a difficult time for all the parties involved including the children.  The process can be convoluted especially when emotions of guilt, regret and betrayal are often times involved.  The effects of a divorce can be felt long term even after the legal matters appear seemingly resolved.
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Without a doubt, a divorce with children adds a layer of difficulty to the process. The parties are often concerned about how the division of marital assets will affect their ability to provide for the child(ren). Parents often wonder how childcare expenses will be allocated and become particularly anxious about child support that at times can last for years to come. Child support in Florida is based on the individual incomes of the parents and the established timesharing arrangement.
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Judges in Florida have wide discretion in determining alimony payments following a dissolution of marriage. Therefore, it is essential that you work with an experienced lawyer who can negotiate on your behalf at mediation or best present your case to a judge.
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Simply because a final judgment has been entered does not mean that your divorce is over. Often times, changes in circumstances require your case to be re-opened. With alimony, changed circumstances such as involuntary job loss, good faith change in employment, chorionic illness, or disability could be the basis for an alimony modification.
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Many car accidents and slip and fall accident can cause severe injuries, requiring extensive medical treatment and limiting accident victims’ ability to work. At Porra Law, we pursue lost wages, payment for medical treatment now and in the future, and we help you deal with insurance companies.
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After years of representing insurance companies in the field of P.I.P., Attorney May Porraspita felt there was a need for knowledgeable personalized representation for medical providers attempting to recover their charges for services performed.
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Were you injured at work? Are you concerned about obtaining medical treatment? Getting fired? Missing time from work? Is the insurance company and/or your employer alleging the accident is “not their problem?”  A work accident can cause not only serious injuries but can result in substantial medical bills and loss of time from work. 
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